Our Difference

PROSTAR Fire Systems, Inc. sets itself apart from the competition through industry innovation, quality work at competitive prices, and a strong relationship with our customers.
We provide state of the art barcoding for all device and system inspections. This allows our customers to track system and device inventory, locations, and upcoming scheduled maintenance due dates. It also gives PROSTAR the ability to forecast customer needs years into the future. This technology is essential for companies to budget service requirements BEFORE they are due.

Additionally, all barcoded inspection reports are available online to our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When it comes time to meet code requirements or the AHJ is knocking at the door, no one wants to be searching through filing cabinets or swimming in reports to provide the necessary documents. Our solution for our customers is to provide this easy online access to all inspection reports and documentation.
Furthermore, our pricing and customer service levels cannot be matched. Truthfully - many facilities are either paying too much, not getting the attention to detail that they deserve, or BOTH. PROSTAR Fire Systems is committed to providing great service at competitive rates. We want to build and maintain long-lasting and beneficial relationships with all of our clients. It is important for our customers to have someone they can trust. PROSTAR Fire Systems wants to be that someone. We strive to provide peace of mind when it comes to your fire protection needs!

So whether you need new service, a second opinion, a competitive price, or if you are looking for a first-rate service provider reach out to PROSTAR Fire Systems. We are confident you'll be pleased with our work.